General rules of

The posting of ads on website is governed by the User Agreement.


Violation of the rules and user accounts on the ad lead to the blocking of both the ads and the accounts of their owners.


Please note that all ads must comply with the rules, regardless of whether they are using any additional services (Gold package, Silver package, etc.) or not. Paid ads can also be blocked or removed when violations are detected.


Before submitting each ad, you must familiarize yourself with rules.

Placement rules and ad components

Advertisement placement

The user can simultaneously have ads on the site in an amount not exceeding the limit set by the Administration. Placed ads should not be repeated and contradict the rules of the site. The ad is valid for 45 days or more. After the expiration of this period, the ad is automatically removed from publication and enters the “Expired” tab or is deleted.


It is forbidden to change the information or images of the announcement of a product or service on the site for information or images of another product.


When placing an ad, you must make sure that the ad fully complies with the rules of the site. If, even after the publication of the announcement, during the second check, the administration discovers violations of the rules, the administration reserves the right to edit or delete these announcements.


If two or more duplicate ads are found on the site at the same time, the duplicate ads will be removed.


Any paid service restores the ad for the term of this service and extends the ad period.

Personal contact details.

Personal contacts must be marked correctly: name, email address, phone number.


You must use a valid email address when posting your ad.

If you use an invalid email address, you will not receive the PIN sent to use the “Edit” and “Delete Ad” functions and will not be able to perform the above operations.

One user (legal entity or individual) can have only one account.

Discovered during the technical analysis, several accounts belonging to the same user will be considered by the system as duplicate and will be automatically deleted or blocked.

Users are prohibited from renting / leasing accounts (information required to access an account) or alienating them.

Be sure to include a valid and personal phone number – this will increase your chances of a quick and successful transaction.

The phone number must be marked in the appropriate field. It is forbidden to include a phone number in the title or content of the ad.

Please note that it is prohibited to provide the phone number of other people in order to avoid inconvenience, which will lead to the suspension of your account without the right to restore.

If an ad contains an incorrect phone number, it will be removed from the site. The user is responsible for the accuracy, completeness of the advertisement posted by him, its compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the information posted in the advertisement, without prejudice to the rights of third parties and exemption from their claims.

Editing an ad

In order to edit ads, just click on the “EDIT” button. An unpublished announcement cannot be edited.


By editing an ad, you are not bringing it up. This feature applies only to changing the images, content and prices in the ad.


The rules for ads also apply to the EDIT function.


If the edited ad does not comply with the rules, it will be removed.

Repeated announcements

Ads with completely the same content or similar in meaning;

Example: Your ad with the headline “Elizabeth coin 1978 year” was posted on the site. If within 30 days from the date of publication of this announcement, an announcement of the “Elizabeth coin 1978 year”, of the same coin and with the same parameters, is posted on the site, then the new announcement will not be published.

Ads removed before the expiration date and posted as new;

Example: Your ad with the headline “Lincoln coin of USA” was posted on the website. If this ad is removed before the expiration date and an ad for a Lincoln coin of USA of the same parameters, images and price is posted on the site, the new ad can will not be published.

If Your ad with the general heading “Ancient coin of Egypt” was published on the site. If this ad is active, then separately placed ads for mobile numbers available in its content will not be published on the site. If you want to publish such ads separately, then on the site you should not have an active ad with a general heading.

Placing repeated ads does not speed up product sales, on the contrary, sales become more difficult for sellers, and buyers have to spend a lot of time searching for a suitable offer among duplicate ads.

If you have already sold an item or your offer is no longer valid, remove (cancel) your ad from the list of ads immediately after the sale or after the offer is no longer valid.

If you have an ad that has already been published or is under review, you must not allow duplication of this ad!

Users with two or more accounts

For one natural or legal person, the creation and use of only one account is allowed. You can sign in to your personal My Listings account using your email address and password of your account;

The accounts, the technical analysis of which revealed their belonging to the same user, are determined by the system as duplicated and are suspended or blocked automatically;


Users are prohibited from renting / leasing accounts (information required to access the account) or alienating them.

Ads placed in the wrong category

It is forbidden to place ads on the site in a category that does not correspond to the type of product, its description, characteristics, purpose, name in the ad title and / or other information that may mislead site visitors.


Please provide valid ad parameters. All information in the ad must be true. Choose a category, type, type that best suits the content of your ad – this increases its chances of being found by both potential customers and search engines.


Placing an ad in the wrong category or section may result in it being removed or moved to a more appropriate category or section.


The ad title should be a short, informative and attractive name for the product or service being offered. The headline is the first thing a potential client pays attention to. Try to keep it accurate and concise (maximum number of characters: 25).

The title is not allowed:


Capital letters in all or individual words (except for abbreviations);


Correct: Coin of India

Forbidden: COIN OF INDIA

Correct: Spain coin of 1975 year

Forbidden: SPAIN coin of 1975 year


Write correct contact information (phone number, email address, website address);

Non-alphabetic characters (* ^ @ <>), as well as many exclamation (!!!!!) or question marks (????);


Correct: Coin of UAE

Forbidden: << @ ** Coin of UAE!!!!!!!! ** @ >>

A set of repeated keywords and phrases (tags). Search engines may consider them spam and not index them, which will exclude your ad from getting into search results;


Buying coin ads standart

If you want coin Lincoln coin of 1972, you must add word “Buy” at the end of the header line

Correct: Lincoln coin of 1972 Buy

Forbidden: I want to buy Lincoln coin of 1972


Price; Exchange; Is free

Specifying the Price parameter in an ad is mandatory for categories in which this parameter is provided. If you want to sell a product at a negotiated price, indicate the desired price, and describe the conditions in the “Description” field. The price indicated in the ad must correspond to the actual market price of the product.

Example: If you indicate an unrealistic price of $ 200,000 for a coin with a real market value of $ 1,800-2,000, then this ad will not be published on the site.

Please note that if you plan to give away the goods for free, write on the “Price” 0 (zero). Otherwise, it may cause your ad to be deleted.

If you are ready to exchange a product, also indicate this in the “Description” field, while adding to the description the details of the exchange (the product or service for which you intend to exchange).

Description (characteristic) of the ad

Potential buyers are always looking for a specific product by keywords, so it is very important to indicate in one placement only one product (item, object) with its own price and photo.

The description must fully correspond to the title and the proposed product / service. Only one product, item or service can be described in one ad. The initial 2-3 lines of text should be the most attractive part of your ad, as the first thing that catches your eye is the headline and the first sentence of your ad text. Write correctly and carefully, do not make typos, clearly formulate your thought.

Providing inaccurate or false information, as well as concealment of defects in the goods may serve as a reason for the removal of the ad.


The posting of advertisements repeating in content or meaning is prohibited. Transliteration – writing Russian words in Latin letters is not allowed.

Please note: In the description, it is forbidden to indicate a phone number, email address, links to accounts in Skype, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. There is a special field for the phone number and email address.


Be sure to add a photo to your ad (the available number of photos on different users can be from 2 up to 10 photos in all categories). A user who sees a high-quality, clear and real image of the product will be much more interested in your proposal than a similar one, but with an inconspicuous photo.

Photos must be of high quality.


The photo must not have any logo.

The photo should not contain advertising information. Also, it is forbidden to indicate any contact information (mobile number, link to the site, Skype, ICQ, ID in social networks, ID of other instant messengers, etc., as well as the logos of competing services) in the photo.

A photo showing a product must match the title and text of the ad. The photo should show only the proposed object.

It is forbidden to add photos of poor quality, in which the depicted object is indistinguishable. Also, photos of erotic or pornographic content are prohibited.


All stock photos, photos in which store windows are visible in the background, copied from the Internet or scanned from catalogs, that is, they have nothing to do with the real unit of the sold product, will be carefully studied and may not be allowed for publication. The presence of real photos is required.

Please upload your own photos in order for the ad to successfully pass moderation. All photos that do not meet the above rule will be deleted.

Black list

In case of disrespectful treatment of the operator or moderator, the user’s contact information is blocked, and he can no longer post ads on the website.


When the site rules are violated for the first time, the user can receives a warning or ban or his account may be deleted.


It is not possible to extract contact information from the blacklist.


In the event that the specified contact information belongs to third parties and, in this regard, a complaint has been received from them, these contact information will be blacklisted.


Shops and Companies

All of the above rules also apply to the “Stores and Companies” section.

To place ads on behalf of a store or company, you must purchase one of the paid packages & get Vendor role. The minimum priced package is active for 45 days.

Vendors who post ads on behalf of stores and companies.

Vendors who post ads on behalf of stores and companies, in addition to other payment methods, are also allowed to make payments through their balance.

If, despite the warnings, the rules are violated again, then the ads will be removed from the site, even if they are paid. In this case, the money will not be returned. administration reserves the right to cancel the agreement in case of deliberate violation of the site rules. In this case, the money will not be returned.

Users who post ads on behalf of stores or companies can only post ads related to their coins on their pages. The creation of new accounts for this purpose or the posting of such ads anonymously is not permitted.

Technical support service

Technical support telephones are open Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 19:00, and on Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00.

Prohibited goods and services

Placing ads on the site containing prohibited goods and services is not allowed. It is also unacceptable for an ad (title, text, video) or username to contain erotic, pornographic, obscene, extremist or other content that does not meet the requirements of

It is forbidden to place ads containing advertising information, as well as ads about advertising:

– Internet resources (portals, forums, dating sites, etc.);

– business (shops, companies) and listing the range of goods, services and prices.

For example: Our store is open from 10 to 22 seven days a week.


It is unacceptable to post ads about dubious ways to generate income, including on the Internet.

For example: Transfer 10 $ to an e-wallet and earn much more.


The use of logos and trademarks of well-known brands in an ad or username, without permission and without the right to use, is prohibited.

Violation of any of the above Rules will serve as the basis for the removal of the announcement (both temporary – with the possibility of editing, and final – without the right to restore).


Violation of any of the above Rules, as well as numerous complaints from other users, may lead to account blocking.


The rules apply to ALL ads, regardless of whether paid services (Silver package, Platinum package, etc.) apply to them or not. Sponsored ads can also be rejected if violations are found.


Refunds for paid services are NOT carried out if the service has already been provided. Also, the beginning of the service is not postponed to a later / earlier time, the service cannot be postponed to another announcement. administration reserves the right to change and / or update the Rules at any time without prior notice.

Also every user must be familiar with: user agreements, privacy policy, Refund and Returns Policy.