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Application of COİNAZ No. 1 to the User Agreement

  1. Privacy Policy

1.1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Service User Agreement of https://thecoinaz.com/

1.2. This Privacy Policy sets out the procedure for receiving, storing, processing, using, disclosing and protecting the User’s personal data.

1.3. The Users’ personal data base is located at the Administration address.

1.4. The Administrator of the Personal Data Base is the Administration – “COİNAZ” company.

1.5. When filling out a form for publishing an advertisement or when registering a User on the Service, or when subscribing to a newsletter, as well as in other cases of using the Service, the User provides the Administration with information and personal data. The collection of information can also be carried out by conducting surveys of the Users of the Service. Participation in User surveys is carried out with the consent of the Users.

1.6. The User independently and voluntarily decides to provide the Service with personal data about himself and any other information, and also hereby declares his consent to the processing of such personal data and information by the Administration, their transfer for processing to other Users and / or third parties acting on behalf of the Administration.

1.7. The processing of personal data is any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and distribution (distribution, sale, transfer, including abroad) and destruction of personal data, including using information (automated) systems.


1.8. The purposes of personal data processing are, inter alia:


1.8.1. obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the functioning of the Service, its services and services;

1.8.2. expanding the range of services provided;

1.8.3. receiving information (notification of new features, promotions and other news) or advertising messages from the Service or third parties;

1.8.4. prevention or suppression of illegal or unauthorized actions of Users, or third parties;

1.8.5. ensuring compliance with the requirements of applicable law.

1.9. The Service collects the following information about Users:


1.9.1. personal (personal) information that the User enters, shows or otherwise discloses to the Administration when using the Service. Such information may be, in particular (but not limited to), the first and last name (title) of the User, e-mail address and password, telephone number, location of the User, as well as the address. If the User logs in through a social network profile, the Service may also collect information posted on the profile of such a social network. The User is responsible for the information provided by him, while the Service provides a channel for the distribution and publication of the User’s information on the Internet.

1.9.2. technical information automatically collected by the software of the Service during its visit.


1.10. The Service, as well as the Administration, does not collect or process data on racial or ethnic origin, political, religious and ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, convictions to criminal punishment, as well as data related to health, sex life, biometric or genetic data.


1.11. The Service and the Administration do not transfer to third parties unrelated to the Service any personal or other data provided by the Users, unless the User has granted such permission, as well as in cases stipulated by the User Agreement or legislation.


1.12. The Service and the Administration in some cases may transfer some data to persons who cooperate with the Service or are associated with the Administration.


1.13. The Administration does not sell or lease information and personal data provided by Users in the process of using the Service.


1.14. To facilitate interaction between Users, the services imply limited access to the contact information of other Users. The right to use information provided by other Users is limited by the User Agreement.


1.15. The User of the Service undertakes not to use the data provided by another User without the written permission of such User or without confirming in any other way the right to use such information. All information received by the User about other Users in connection with the use of the Service can only be used to conclude and execute transactions in relation to the Goods. Thus, the User is not allowed to use the email address, just like the phone number of another User, for the purpose of direct advertising or other unsolicited email messages, as well as for illegal actions or actions taken without the knowledge and consent of another User.

1.16. The User of the Service has the opportunity at any time to partially change, delete or otherwise edit the personal and other data transferred to him in the process of using the Service.


1.17. The user is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of any information and data specified by him.


1.18. If the User has logged in, registered and uses the Service using the OpenID service, the User can configure the procedure for transferring and using his data in the settings of such a service.


1.19. The Service and the Administration take all reasonable measures to protect the User’s personal data from unauthorized access by third parties.


1.20. All personal data that is collected and processed by the Service is stored on one or more secure servers that cannot be accessed outside the corporate network. All employees of the Administration who perform functions with access and use of personal and other information of Users have signed an agreement on non-disclosure of information about Users to third parties.


1.21. The user can request the deletion of his personal data from the Service. Upon such a request, we will delete all personal data collected about him and can no longer guarantee the provision of access to the Service.


To delete personal data about the User, you must contact thecoinaz@gmail.com.

  1. Cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies

2.1. The service may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to store information. These files are used to facilitate the use of the website and its applications, to improve the quality of the Service (including security), as well as for advertising purposes.


2.2. Any information received by the Service from the User, as well as the placement of cookies on the User’s browser is carried out through notification and with the consent of the User. By continuing to use the Service, the User gives his permission to the Service to store cookies on the User’s browser.


2.3. The Service uses cookies and similar technologies that remain on the User’s device during the activity of the User’s browser and cookies, as well as other similar technologies that remain on the User’s device for a longer period. The User has the right to block, delete or disable such cookies and similar technologies, if the User’s device allows it.


2.3.1. Cookies – in computer terminology, a concept used to describe information in the form of text or binary data received from the Service, which is stored by the User, that is, on the browser, and then sent to the Service if the Service User visits it again. Thus, the Service marks the User’s browser when visiting. Cookies facilitate the use of the Service by recording the data required to log in to the system and collect statistics. Cookies do not contain personal data.

2.3.2. Web beacons are small graphical images (also known as “dot markers” or “Web beacons”) that can be enabled on the Service, as well as its services, applications, messaging, and tools that usually work in conjunction with cookies, to define the User.

2.3.3. Similar technologies are technologies that store information in a browser or device, using local shared objects or local storage, such as “flash cookies”, “HTML 5 cookies”, and other methods of web software applications. These technologies can work in all browsers of the User, and in some cases they cannot be completely controlled by the browser and may require control directly through the applications or devices installed by the User.

2.4. The administration takes all security measures to prevent unauthorized access to cookies and similar technologies. The user undertakes to take similar security measures. The Administration guarantees that only the Administration and / or authorized service providers of the Service have access to these cookies.


2.5. Service providers of the Service are companies that help with various aspects of the Service. The Administration uses some authorized service providers to provide the User with the relevant services of the Service, as well as other purposes related directly to the activities of the Service. Such service providers may also place cookies on the User’s device through the services of the Service (third-party cookies). They may also collect other information such as IP address or other identifiers.


2.6. Any information that the Service collects and stores through the use of the technologies indicated above is used with the consent of the User.


2.7. The user can manage cookies in the browser or device settings. To refuse the collection and storage of information, in the browser settings, check the box “Do not save cookies”, and also click on the “Clear cookies” button.


2.8. Information of a technical nature contained in the system, for example, ip-addresses, is used by the Service to maintain network equipment, as well as to summarize statistical and other information.


2.9. The Service saves the data of the last access of the User to the system in order to ensure the high quality of the services provided, adapted to the individual needs and interests of the User.


  1. Changes to the privacy policy

3.1. The administration can make changes, delete or update the rules of the Privacy Policy.


3.2. If the User does not agree with the changes made, he is obliged to stop using the Service. If the User continues to use the Service, he agrees and accepts all changes and the new edition of the Privacy Policy as a whole.

Also every user must be familiar with: user agreements, general rules, Refund and Returns Policy.