PS: about Refunds and Returns policy stated on user agreement , also you can read it below:

3.4. The Service user who has paid for the Service has the right to contact the Administration with a request for a refund. The decision to return or refuse to return funds is taken by the Administration unilaterally.


3.5. The administration has the right to refuse to return funds to the User, in cases where:


3.5.1. The user systematically violates the terms of this Agreement.

3.5.2. If the service has been activated, including in cases where the ad was removed after moderation.

3.5.3. The user posted an ad about prohibited goods, services and offers.

3.5.4. In case of any problems with the payment system. The Service is not responsible for the operation of payment systems through which Users pay for the services of the Service. In this case, the issue of refunding funds is resolved on an individual basis.

3.5.5. In other cases, by the decision of the Administration.


3.6. The procedure for refunding funds is determined in each specific case between the Administration and the User.


3.7. Refunds will be credited to the user’s account within 30 days.

Also every user must be familiar with: user agreements, privacy policy, general rules.