How Much Hidden Wealth is in Your Pocket? Discovering Rare and Valuable 2022 Quarter Errors

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we’ve explored the world of coins and banknotes extensively. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve likely noticed that some of these currency items fetch incredibly high prices. So what is it that causes some coins and banknotes to be worth so much more than their face value? The answer is simple: minting errors.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of rare and valuable 2022 quarter errors that could be hiding in your pocket change. Don’t waste any more time wondering what’s in your spare change – read on to discover if you’re sitting on a potential goldmine.

Rarity and Value: The Top Minting Errors Collectors Can’t Get Enough Of

Coins featuring minting errors have always captured the attention and fascination of numismatists and collectors around the globe. The rarity and uniqueness of these coins make them beautiful and significantly boost their value.

Minting errors can occur due to equipment malfunction, unintentional human intervention, and accidents, which is what makes them so special – almost every error is one of a kind. While most errors are glaringly obvious, there are also minor minting errors that can be difficult to spot, even for the well-trained eye.

There is a wide variety of minting errors that can occur, but they can generally be divided into three main categories.

The Ultimate Guide to 2022 Quarter Errors: Official Price Guide for Coin Collectors

Coin collectors around the world place a high value on coins, but they seem to hold minting error coins in even higher regard than regular rare coins. There’s something thrilling about owning an error coin that no one else has – from the wrong denomination to two bonded separate coins, all minting errors are incredibly sought-after among numismatics.

While manufacturers try to eliminate most error coins, some still slip through and end up as highly valuable collectible items. These coins can fetch prices far higher than their face value, depending on their rarity and the specific mint error.

The 2022 American Women Quarters Program has produced some of the most valuable and sought-after minting error coins, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred thousand in value. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most valuable 2022 quarter errors you can find in this program.

Maya Angelou Washington Quarter Errors: A Rare and Valuable Tribute to a Literary Icon

Maya Angelou, a renowned writer, artist, actress, and civil rights activist, was the first black woman to be featured on a United States quarter coin. The American Women Quarters Program began circulating the Maya Angelou quarters in January 2022, with an estimated mintage of $480 million.

However, some of these coins were minted with errors, making them even more valuable to collectors. There are several varieties of the Maya Angelou quarter errors, named after the location of the die marking.

One such error is the “Drooling George” or “Drooling Washington” quarter, where a die gouge creates the appearance of drool on the president’s chin. Another error is the “Wart on the Nose” and “Cold Sore” quarter, where blemishes on Washington’s face appear due to die marks.

A particularly unique error is the “Nesting Bird” quarter, where a die gouge in the shape of a twig appears to be carried by a bird’s beak, resembling an eagle.

These errors have become highly sought-after by collectors, with prices ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. On eBay, some examples include the 2022 P Quarter Error with a “Drooling George” and flower in the hair, selling for $1,900, and the 2022 P Maya Angelou Quarter with a “Drooling Washington” error, selling for $1,000.

Other examples include the 2022 P Maya Angelou Quarter with major flaws to Maya, selling for $900, and the 2022 P Maya Angelou Quarter with a rare front and back improper strike die gouge error, selling for $799. The 2022 P Maya Angelou Quarter with an “In God” error coin, circulated, is selling for $700, while the 2022 D Maya Angelou Washington Quarter with a die chip/crack error and “Drooling George” is selling for $500.

Exploring the Rare Errors on the Dr. Sally Ride Washington Quarter

Dr. Sally Ride made history as the first American woman to travel to space, but did you know that errors on her commemorative quarter could also make you rich? The most common error on the coin is found on the reverse side, behind her neck and by Earth. If you see an extra line, you’ve hit the jackpot! This unique minting error displays outlines of George Washington’s face from the obverse side and is highly valuable. Check out these rare errors and their prices below:

Name and yearMintage and varietiesMetal compositionDiameter and weightPrice
2022 D Quarter Dr. Sally Ride Drooling George Denver Mint CoinMultiple Errors on the face and neckCopper-nickel24.26 mm, 5.67 grams$1,500
2022 P Quarter Dr. Sally Ride MAJOR ERROR Ghost Comet TailN/ACopper-nickel24.26 mm, 5.67 grams$1,250
2022 P Quarter Dr. Sally Ride Major Die Clash Error on her faceN/ACopper-nickel24.26 mm, 5.67 grams$1,000
2022 D Quarter Dr. Sally Ride Drooling George Mint Error coin with die clash and deformed lipsN/ACopper-nickel24.26 mm, 5.67 grams$900

Discover the Rare Wilma Mankiller Washington Quarter Errors Worth Thousands!

  1. Add a column for the description of the error – this will help readers understand what each error refers to without having to read the article.
  2. Consider using consistent capitalization and punctuation for the error descriptions and titles (e.g., use “Mint Error” instead of “MINT ERROR” or “Misprint in the Star!! Rare!” instead of “Misprint In the Star!! Rare!”).
  3. Include information about the rarity of each error, if available. This can help readers understand why some errors are priced higher than others.
  4. Consider adding a footnote or disclaimer about the accuracy and reliability of eBay prices, as they can fluctuate and may not always reflect the true market value of the coin.

Here’s an updated version of the table that incorporates these suggestions:

Name and yearMintage and varietiesMetal compositionDiameter and weightDescriptionRarityPrice (eBay)
2022 P Quarter Wilma MankillerN/ACopper-nickel24.26mm, 5.67gMint Error – Scarface and the deformed CUnknown$1,500
2022 P Quarter Wilma MankillerN/ACopper-nickel24.26mm, 5.67gMinting Error – Die cracks on both sidesUnknown$1,200
2022 D Quarter Wilma MankillerN/ACopper-nickel24.26mm, 5.67gMisprint in the Star!! Rare!Unknown$1,000
2022 P Quarter Wilma MankillerN/ACopper-nickel24.26mm, 5.67gLots of Errors – Die cracks, misprints, and scars on faceUnknown$840

Uncovering the Rare Nina Otero-Warren Washington Quarter Errors

Nina Otero-Warren: The Leader of New Mexico’s Suffrage Movement and Her Minting Errors

Nina Otero-Warren was a trailblazer, making history as the first Hispanic woman to run for Congress and the first woman to serve as superintendent of public schools in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was also a prominent leader in the suffrage movement, advocating for women’s right to vote.

In 2022, the United States Mint honored Otero-Warren with a special edition American Women Washington Quarter. However, these coins have not been extensively studied yet, leading to some fascinating minting errors that collectors are eager to get their hands on.

Three minting errors have been reported for the Nina Otero-Warren coins: the common “Drooling George” error found on all American Women Washington Quarters, a unique “Flowers in Hair” error, and nose scares and craters on Otero-Warren’s portrait.

If you’re a collector looking to add a unique piece to your collection, you can find these coins on eBay. Prices for the 2022 P Quarter Nina Otero-Warren Double Die Obverse Error, 2022 D Quarter Nina Otero-Warren Error with “Drooling George”, and 2022 P Quarter Nina Otero-Warren Double Die Obverse Error range from $350 to $800.

But the real gem of the Nina Otero-Warren errors is a coin with two die cracks, currently auctioning for a whopping $8,300 on eBay. As these coins continue to gain interest, who knows what other rare and exciting minting errors may be uncovered in the future.